A new way of taking and sharing pictures that captures the moment, not just the image.

PicSnip is a perfect example of how design for an underserved population can lead to a product with universal appeal. Originally developed by co-founder Shamik Ray as a student project at CIID, PicSnip grew out of a desire to give blind and visually impaired people the ability to capture and share moments, similar to the way photo sharing works for the sighted. But by recording a short snippet of audio and pairing it with a still photo, he realized its potential was far greater.

Have you ever shared a photo of a moment in the city, or in nature, or at a special event, and realized you’d caught the way it looked but not the way it felt — the cheers of friends, the chatter of birds, the chill in the air? PicSnip lets users add details like sound, weather and location to any photo, giving a richer, more complete experience for those who weren’t there. Friends, in turn, can respond with their own images and sound snippets, for social sharing that’s more like real conversation.

Teaming up with developer Durga Prassad, and sound designer Siddhant, Ray has used his time at the Nest to turn this idea into a company and an app, currently available for download on the Android platform.

“Ideas are fragile things and I think the Nest really stepped in at the right time to help me nurture it…Apart from helping with practical things like micro-financing and visas, the Nest really gave me the space and time to focus and convert the idea to product.”

Team: Shamik Ray, Durga Prasad Muduru & Siddhant Yadav

Website: www.picsnip.co

Contact: s.ray@edu.ciid.dk