Media Sifter is a platform to consume media critically, it helps people to filter their news and get multiple opinions on specific topics.

Media sifter is a platform for people to critically consume media.
Why? Have you ever yourself found it hard to believe something you have read or heard from the news media? If the answer was yes would you like a way, a tool perhaps that can give you a filter to that confusion and help you to make better sense of the actual current events?

The service is called ‘Media Sifter’ and it is a tool and a news aggregator that aids you in your interpretation of the news.

1 – Discover – Aggregating and sorting media sources 
(Contextualising stories by history and geography not just by the author)
2 – Dissect – Providing tools above the actual article to allow for language and source analysis (Utilising natural language processing and machine learning)
3 – Disclose & Discuss – Flag words and statements in any given article (Utilising crowdsourced intelligence)