Products and services that make living with Type 1 diabetes easier.

Line is a healthcare design studio founded by Sara Krugman and Ian Jorgensen, two veteran interaction designers who are also living with Type 1 diabetes. Now headquartered in San Francisco, Line has brought several medical devices and software services successfully to market, all based on a belief that medical experiences should be designed like consumer experiences: with the needs of the user in mind.

Krugman and Jorgensen used their time at the CIID Nest to bring their own intimate personal experiences together with data-derived insights about the challenges of disease management, to establish a unique point of view of effective patient engagement. The consulting studio they’ve formed is unlike any other, combining professional design expertise, people-centred research and software development, and is now busy creating new medical products and services that really work for patients.

“The nest has given us invaluable space and time to explore and develop our our company, our ideas and ourselves”

Team: Sara Krugman & Ian Jorgensen