A tool that helps children and adults with learning disabilities teach themselves to write.

Statistically, every classroom is likely to have at least one student with a learning disability. Low confidence and dependence on constant personal guidance create hurdles for these students as they learn to write, and for the teachers who help them. Disabled children often hold the pen too hard or too loose, which not only makes it harder to write correctly, but can ultimately lead to muscular injuries. Explaining how much pressure to use can be equally challenging: as an invisible force, it’s too abstract a concept for most children to act on.

GripHint is an assistive writing tool for people with learning disabilities, dysgraphia and sensory integration problems. It works by using integrated sensors to detect how much force is used while writing, and offers real-time feedback by varying the brightness of an embedded indicator light. The result is an immediate, nuanced understanding of writing force that students can internalize, leading to greater confidence, and faster writing skill development.

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Team: Shu Yang Lin & Priyanka Kodikal

Contact: info@griphint.com