Media Sifter

Media Sifter is a platform to consume media critically, it helps people to filter their news and get multiple opinions on specific topics. Media sifter is a platform for people to critically consume media.
Why? Have you ever yourself found it hard to believe something you have read or heard from the news media? If […]

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Refugee Text Service

Refugee Text Service is a digital information service for refugees in Europe. Refugee Text is an SMS asylum information service for refugees travelling across Europe. To address the issue of misinformation and rumours circulating, we communicate verified and up-to-date information from trusted experts – to any refugee with a phone. The automated service system learns […]

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M-PAYG is a provider of pay-as-you-go solutions allowing low-income households in developing countries access to clean energy through small-scale mobile money installments. There is currently more than 2 billion people without access to electricity. This segment has no credit rating to procure clean energy solutions such as solar panels. The M-PAYG solution makes it possible […]

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